Hernan Tagliani

get link In today’s rapidly evolving market, this is who you want on your side. Hernan Tagliani is a leading Hispanic Communications Expert, Business Speaker and Author. He is also a  National and International Contributor to The Business Journals (43 publications with more than 12 million online monthly viewers), Houston Chronicle, Entrepreneur Magazine and to Forbes Magazine (Dominican Republic and Central America editions). As President of The Group Advertising, Hernan is helping top companies tap into one of the fastest growing and financially influential consumer segments in the United States—Hispanics. Their spending power is already close to $1.5 trillion. Through seminars, training workshops, or one-on-one marketing consultations, Hernan can show you exactly what you need to do in order to connect with and activate this market to significantly increase sales.

here mujeres solteras holguin cuba EXPERT: He knows this market better than just about anyone. That’s why many business journals and popular publications feature Hernan as a regular contributor. Through his articles, blogs, and speaking engagements he shares valuable insight on all the current evolving statistics, characteristics, values, and diverse segments within the Hispanic market; and highlights marketing strategies to engage far more effectively with them.

opcje binarne allegro SPEAKER: Leading numerous seminars and workshops, Hernan is helping to change the way companies across the nation market to Hispanics. He brings a dynamic combination of knowledge, insight, passion, and strategic business development solutions to the stage. Find out why straight translations are a waste… of… money and may even damage your brand. Learn the key strategies to significantly boost sales and gain a devoted following.

source source link TRAINER: Get a higher return on your money. If you open up to a new understanding of this powerful segment, Hispanics can secure the future of your company. Hernan can teach you, your sales and marketing executives more effective, creative, and cost-efficient solutions to attract and connect with this very loyal community.

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