4 messages designed to drive sales to your company’s door

allenarsi sulle opzioni binarie If you’re not marketing to Hispanics, your business may be missing out.

go site According to the latest census report, the Hispanic population in America is expected to increase by 119 million by 2060. In contrast, the non-Hispanic white population is expected to decrease by 182 million. It also is estimated that by 2026, most people ages 18–24 in the U.S. will be non-white. This shows that we quickly are becoming a multicultural nation. In addition, Hispanic households with $75,000-plus income grew 223 percent between 2000-2016.


follow url As the U.S. evolves through this cultural and demographic shift, adjustments must be made on all levels of an organization that wants to continue to grow and succeed.

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http://salsiando.com/finelit/4539 The good news is that the growth of the Hispanic community can translate to more sales and greater profits for your company. But only if you cater to them the right way. It is estimated that Hispanics spend 94 percent of their disposable income verses 83 percent of non-Hispanics, according to a report from IHS Global Hispanic Market monitor.

femmes recherche femmes If we look at the automotive industry, for example, many brands have been neglecting this market for a while and it already may be taking a toll on sales. However, for the companies learning how to connect the right way with Hispanics, the results are impressive.

http://yuktung.com.my/esnew/1169 Vehicle purchases by Hispanics have more than doubled between 2010-2016. The percentage of total new vehicles sales to Hispanics has increased more than 56 percent over the same time period, according to Polk. Between 2015-2016, the Hispanic new sales vehicle growth was up by 4 percent while non-Hispanic sales were up by only 0.3 percent. The statistics are clear. Now is the time to make an investment towards genuinely connecting with this thriving Hispanic market.

sistema de citas iess Here are four message you need to send out to drive sales in your doors:

  1. Your business is welcome: Many times dealers’ sales teams are not properly trained to embrace minorities. This can cost you millions of dollars in lost revenue.
  2. We understand your needs: The purpose of advertising is to drive traffic to your store or e-commerce site. Whatever happens behind that front desk is your responsibility. The higher the percentage of minorities in your market means the more diverse your sales team needs to be. If clients ask for assistance in Spanish, make sure to have somebody who will understand their needs fluently.
  3. It’s a celebration: For many Hispanics, buying a car is a big-ticket experience. So they tend to celebrate big, too. It is important to recognize and reflect that this is an event for them. It is also a family decision and an achievement they have worked hard to earn. The most important thing is that they value the relationship with the dealerships. They are concerned about how they are going to be treated. The right training will help your team understand their purchase process and will help set your company apart from your competition.
  4. We’ll connect where you’re comfortable: It is estimated that 84 percent of Hispanic auto buyers use the internet during their purchase process. So meet them on their terms and entice them online. SEO is the No. 1 source for gathering information. Having a strong online presence with culturally relevant messaging in English and in Spanish will help your company stay top of mind.

trader les options Remember, Hispanics don’t want to be sold; they want companies to embrace their culture and lifestyle with messaging that is relevant to them. Instead of forcing Hispanics to assimilate, businesses must integrate the U.S. Hispanic consumer mindset into the company multicultural marketing initiative. Using the right approach will give you the power to accelerate steady growth in the years to come.