6 Reasons Corporate America Misses Out On Trillions of Hispanic Dollars

America is changing and becoming more multicultural. A big part of that has been due to the Hispanic market. They are not just a sub-segment of our economy anymore. They have become a powerhouse of economic and political influence. Their purchasing power of over $1.5 trillion is larger than the GDP of México, which is […]

When will Hispanics buy from your business?

One of the most common questions I have been asked by executives is: “When will Hispanics buy my products?” They think that since they have been in business for many years, everybody should know who they are, including the Hispanic markets. One client shared that his firm has been in the market since 1955, so […]

5 ways your firm can start enjoying a new revenue stream

We live in a country that constantly is evolving. The minority population is growing rapidly, and whether executives are ready to embrace them or not, they definitely will affect their company’s revenue now and well into their future. Hispanics are not a sub-segment of the economy. They are emerging as a powerhouse of economic and […]

Luxury marketing to affluent Latinos

Does the Hispanic market play an important role in luxury brands? Absolutely. Affluent Latinos grew over 200% over the last decade. Based on the latest census, Hispanics with a household income of $100K+ represent over 12% of total U.S. Hispanic households. It is also estimated there are only 8.5 million people in America with a […]

The Hispanic Market: A Paradigm of Corporate America

As part of my career, I meet with decision makers on a regular basis. Whether they work for different industries or not, the pattern I have seen in some of them is the lack of understanding on how impactful the Hispanic market could be for their businesses. Some executives still think that the Hispanic market […]

5 Ways to improve ROI with Hispanics

Many companies are trying to reach out to the Hispanic market as a venue to grow their business. But they haven’t been successful. At a recent national conference, a marketing executive shared with me that his company has been very proactive in the community but they haven’t seen a substantial ROI yet. I asked him […]